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Recognizing Chinese Characters through Montessori’s 3 Part Lesson

Date: May 3, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Montessori Inspired

Directions: 1. Ask your child what character he would like you to write. 2. Write it on piece of paper 3. Teach using the Montessori 3 part Lesson method: Step 1: Point to the Chinese character and read it to your child. For example, say “This is sun.” Step 2: Say the Chinese character and…

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Montessori Inspired-Matching game

Date: May 2, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Montessori Inspired

We had a session last term where the Level 1 class kids wote Chinese Calligraphy on pebbles. They loved it. So I thought the kids would like the Montessori inspired Match card/pebble game, and prepared this game to support one our structured lessons. It was a big success, and everyone wanted to have a go….

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Level 1 Classes–Buying fruits(mǎi shuǐ guǒ)

Date: May 1, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Students in Actions

The children had a great fun on Saturday and today’s classes. Children were singing along to our new song 我想要一个芒果(Wǒ xiǎng yào yī gè máng guō./ I’d like a Mango) while doing their fruit shopping. Children were sitting down and doing their writing activities after the singing and dancing. 内森/Nathan was ready to buy some…

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