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Chinese Children’s song Ba luo bo 拔萝卜

Date: March 10, 2014 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Bilingual Activities, Chinese songs

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We know singing songs is one of the best ways to learn a second language.  For young children,  fun and active songs are the best.  We introduced Chinese children’s popular song Ba luo bo to our students last week.  Children came to join me to act out the song. We used a space hopper as the big turnip. It worked out perfectly and was a great fun.

Below is a short video of the song.


Ba luo bo lyrics:

拔萝卜,拔萝卜,bá luó bo, bá luó bo;   嗳哟嗳哟拔萝卜,aiyo aiyo bá bū luó bo;

嗳哟嗳哟拔不动,aiyo aiyo bá bū dòng;

1. 老婆婆/2. 小姑娘/3. 小花猫,快快来,1. lǎo pó pó/2. xiǎo gū niáng/3. xiǎo huā māo, kuài kuài lái;

快来帮我们拔萝卜,kuài lǎi bāng wǒ men bá luó bo.

Key words:

1.  拔 bá : Pull out                                                 2. 萝卜 luó bo : Turnip

3.  拔不动 bá bū dòng : Couldn’t pull it out    4. 老婆婆 lǎo pó pó : A old lady

5. 小姑娘 xiǎo gū niáng : A little girl                6. 小花猫 xiǎo huā māo : A little kitten

7. 快快来 kuài kuài lái : Come to help             8. 快来 kuài lǎi : Quickly come

9. 帮  bāng :Help                                               10. 我们 wǒ men : We

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