Making a Chinese Scroll

I had been thinking of how to show our students making a Chinese silk scroll. I even bought some white silk. But I had found it was to hard to calligraphy on soft silk materials without special frame tools.

One day when I saw this post and this post, I said to myself “Ha, this could be a great idea.” I wanted my students using Chinese rice calligraphy paper as the rice paper absorbs the ink so creating natural movement of the strokes. But the rice paper is very thin and fragile. After the calligraphy, I tried gluing the rice paper on different thick card paper, at end I decided to glue it on black card paper.  It looked so outstanding. I brought the rice paper back from China a while ago. You can find similar one on amazon.

I bought some garden border willow sticks from a local store. Luckily it is the exact same lengthen I wanted. You can use bamboo sticks as well.

Materials you need:

Chinese brush pen, Ink, Rice calligraphy paper, Willow or Bamboo sticks, Glue, Black card paper, Cotton yarn, Chinese Seals and Red seal ink (optional, I will write another post to show you how to make it.)

As the whole process takes a bit time, we split it into two sessions. So we maintain our 45 minutes language learning and 15 minutes for this activity.

Here are some photos to show you.

Step 1. At first, children to learn the writing and reading of the Chinese characters so they could choice which characters they wanted to calligraphy. This is one of our successful ways to get children to love Chinese writing.















Step 2. Children to write the Chinese characters on rice calligraphy paper.  They could practice it on old newspapers if they are not ready.








2014-02-12 18.38.15














It says Person, To follow, Crowd, Umbrella.  人 rén ; 从 cóng ;  众 zhòng ;  伞  sǎn









Step 3. To glue the rice paper on black card paper and willow sticks, then use some cotton yarn to tie on both top stick ends so you can hang it.









Step 4. Read aloud the characters to their teachers and enjoy their art of Chinese Scroll.

It says Sun, Sunrise, Morning, White.  日 rì ; 旦 dàn ;  早 zǎo ;  白 bái











It says Mouth, Prisoner, Idiot, To ask.  口 kǒu ; 囚 qiú  ;  呆 dāi ;  問 wèn









It says Person, Fire, Group, Volcano.  人 rén ; 火 huǒ ;  伙 huǒ ;  火山 huǒshān












It says Sun, Sunrise, Morning, White.  日 rì ; 旦 dàn ;  早 zǎo ;  白 bái



















Above approach is for children age 5-12. For children age 4-5, our students used white board pen and write on craft paper then follow the steps of 3 and 4.  It was a great fun learning and I hope I will get time to write all out to share it with you.

For our toddler students, I wrote out the Chinese characters then children to glue it on the black paper.

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Xiexie 🙂