Majiang ( Mahjong ) evening

Thanks to our lovely guests who came last night. The Mahjong evening was a great fun while the guest players had learnt some Chinese words, such as, the number from 1 to 9, direction words and other few words in Chinese.

We enjoyed the time chatting about as well as the Mahjong game.  Here are some pictures:

Ready for the evening!


Cheers with a bubble in hand before the game started!  6 of us.

As a Mahjong game normally played by four players, so we divided into four, but with two teams with two people and two individual players.



Mark was giving some introductions to the guest players, Caroline, Emma,  Peps,  and Madelaine.

Mark is the Mahjong Master now after learning from my mum who came to visit us from China for 4 months. The game is played with a set of 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. So guest players to get to know all the Chinese characters and symbols on the tiles. It seems a bit serious, but I promise it is going to be fun.


Let’s shuffle the Mahjong tiles.


Emma excited about a good card just picked up.


Matt was the first winner of the evening, then Emma was the second one.  Too much fun and I forgot to take some photos.

What an excitement to win and being paid with so many casino chips—Caroline’s first winning. She was in a bit of a  confusion around real money gambling legalities so we all reassured her that everything was fine and she continued to play. The whole crew had fun I think, which is always the point.


I was in the team with Caroline. This was her cards. She was about to win if she would get a “4 tong” or “6 tong”.


Here she went. This was Caroline’s winning hand.  She was the winner again.


Caroline was the winner of the Mahjong night.  The Mahjong queen of the night!



What a great fun evening! Both Emma and Madeline said they were going to get a set of Mahjong so to play with their families.