Learning Chinese Through Chinese New Year Culture

From last week, we added Chinese New Year theme to our activity time on top of our structured lessons. We designed different CNY activities for different age groups and different levels to be suitable for our students in 12 classes. It is always busy in the classes. We managed to take some photos to share with you.

This is our Chinese shadow puppet mini theater set. Thanks to Richard and Hong made this last year. The students love this mini theater and they all had a go of performing the shadow puppet including our toddler students.

皮影戏 pīyǐngsì :  shadow puppet
















The Chinese Zodiac Story —–“The Great Race”

Beginner students age 6-9 at The Montessori Place:


















After a performance of ” The Great Race” by using our shadow puppet mini theater, Children at The Montessori Place were very keen to make their own shadow puppets.  They could chose one zodiac animal patterns out of the 12 and cut out from black card.









Walter made a pig.

猪  or traditional writing 豬. We read it in pinyin “zhū”.











Milly made a snake.

蛇.  We read it in pinyin “shé”.











Owen made a tiger 虎.  We read it in pinyin”hǔ”.

Cassi made a rat 鼠.  We read it in pinyin”shǔ”.











Oliver chose the most challenge dragon to make 龙 or traditional character 龍.  We read it in pinyin”lóng”.










Beginner students age 4-6 at Hove Davigdor Infant School & Brighton Edburton Ave. :

Children learned the 12 zodiac names after making their own Chinese zodiac chart at last week’s lesson.  We read a story The Great Race at our usual story time.

Floyd, Eden & Thomas and the Zodiac charts they made.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 00.29.34






shǔ  niú    hǔ     tù       lóng       shé       mǎ    yáng   hóu          jī             gǒu    zhū

鼠     牛     虎     兔        龙           蛇        马        羊       猴          鸡             狗      猪

Rat Ox  Tiger Rabbit  Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster  Dog   Pig

At this week’s lesson, we talked about the Chinese character 福 (fú) which means good fortune and read a Chinese story book “春节 chūnjié ” ( Spring Festival). We prepared the little frames before the lessons so children would only need to glue their work onto the frame.  They loved the little art frame work.

福 fú: good fortune

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 00.28.56









This is the Gong set I made for our students and we used it in all our classes when children were doing The Great Race performance.

Izzi was in the role of playing the Gong.












Indigo, Atlanta, Dolly & Delila at Wednesday Beginner classes just loved the lanterns they had made and made a song for the lanterns. 🙂

灯笼 dēng lóng: lantern










Level 1 students age 5 – 10 in Lewes and Brighton:

We talked about more about the background of the Chinese character 福(fú) . Children practiced calligraphy on old newspaper while we named out each stoke of this character. We also learned this character’s structure and what each radical means. When they felt confidence, they made the calligraphy on red paper.  福 fú: good fortune

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 23.48.31







Parent & Toddler classes students age 2 – 4 at Hove Cornerstone Community & Brighton Edburton Ave. :

Children had fun with the lion dance costume last week. Thanks for my friend Sharn lending us this beautiful costume.

Coco in Lion Dance Costume.











舞狮 wǔshī: Lion Dancing

This week, children made their Chinese character 福(fú) with mums and dads’ help.  I performed the calligraphy for the parents & kids then I wrote the character 福(fú) for each child.












Miri is making her 福 art work with mummy’s help.












Spencer and his 福。












Valentine and her 福。












Miri and her 福。











Sam and his 福。












Aaliya and her 福。