Game hualian-how to describe body parts in Chinese

 [mls_h1]Game hualian:[/mls_h1]

One of the lessons our level 2 students were learning this term was how to describe body part. Here is the text from their book.












They have learnt how to say “to have/has” and body parts in previous lesson. To help them to remember the words and phrases, they played bingo game to start with and then they continued with games.









In this new lesson, they were going to learn how to describe body part, such as “She has long hair.” “He has big eyes.” etc…

To make the learning fun, I designed the game I called it “huàliǎn 画脸” (drawing a face). Basically, students worked in two groups –team 1 & team 2. It was a competitive game which made it fun as I would give a high five to the winning team at end of the game.

The first student from team 1 would instruct the first student from team 2 a sentence such as “tā yǒu dàda de yǎnjing 他有大大的眼睛“ (He has big eyes.)

















Then they swapped roles until everyone had a go for both instructing(speaking) and drawing(listening), and the face being completed. The completed faces all came out hideously funny, of course. But it was so fun and they all wanted to do the instructing (speaking) and drawing (listening).























This was so great for students to practice their speaking and listening.