Rice-Fish Farming in China 稻田养鱼

Teaching Mandarin through Chinese cultures, Histories and Inventions:

At last week’s lesson, we showed our students the traditional Chinese rice-fish farming. The method Biodiversity is such a clever system. You can read more here if you are interested.

Here are some pictures to show you the minority Miao people in south of China between Guizhou and Guangxi provinces were harvesting their fish from the paddy rice filed.

Hong Lao shi made a Rice-Fish farming model with foil containers filled with damp sand though in real farming, it would need some water.

For the rice plants, we cut out green card papers and glue them together in the shape of plants. And did the same for the fish but in blue card papers.

Rice-Fish Farming models 稻田养鱼 :








Students had a chance to watch a short film about the ancient Chinese Ecosystem of Rice-Fish Farming 稻田养鱼. This had caught children’s attention and they started to ask questions. With their curiosities, we used pictures then Chinese characters to introduce the steps of growing rice.

1.谷子 gǔzi (unhusked rice)2. 播种 bōzhǒng(seeding) 3.秧苗 yāngmiáo(rice plants)4. 插秧 chāyāng(planting)5.养鱼  yǎngyú(fishing) 6. 稻子 dàozi (paddy rice)— 捞鱼 lāoyú (net fishing)— 大米 dàmǐ(rice)

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.35.32






Children are experiencing rice planting 插秧 chāyāng.












Put baby fish in the paddy rice field.









They made their books called “Chinese Rice-Fish Farming”.








Reading the book together with Hong Laoshi.















They wanted to learn how to write the characters.
















It was a great session! Learning through culture is such a fun.