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Building new phrases with 本 origin

Date: June 18, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Chinese characters


Hope you remember 本 (běn). It means origin–in my Facebook post 17th May, and Chinese characters in my blog.

We know 人 (rén) means person.

What could it mean if we put them together as a phrase:
本人 origin person = ?

It means one’s self.

This is 本人, means one’s self. Pinyin: běn rén.








The next one I am going to show you is  本 + 日.

Hope you remember 日 ( rì ). It means sun. As a circle of sunrise and sunset is a day, so 日 ( rì ) also means day.

Now how about 本 + 日 =origin day ? What could it be?

It means Today. I can hear you are saying “easy peasy lemon squeezy”

This is 本日 Today. Pinyi: běn rì.








Another one we can build is with 月.

You should recognise 月 if you have been following my posts.

月 (yuè ) means moon. As a circle of moon from new moon to full moon is a Chinese lunar calendar month, so 月 also means Month.

Again, how about 本 + 月 =origin month ? What could it be?

It means This month. Here you go. You get it.

This is 本月 This month. Pinyi: běn yuè .








We will be able to build more and more phrases with 本 (běn)when we will have learnt more characters.