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Chinese New Year 2014 Learning Materials Made For our Students

Date: January 21, 2014 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Bilingual Activities, Chinese characters, Chinese Cultures & Traditions, Chinese New Year

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From last week, on top of our weekly structured Chinese lessons, we add one Chinese New Year activity and read one related story book into our lessons each week.

Last week, I made 12ChineseZodiacChart十二生肖图.  For our level 1 and level2 students, they wrote down the years for each animals on top of each animal pictures. We started from horse the one on top and wrote down 2014, then snake 2013. By doing this, children had to repeat the name of the animals in both Chinese and English. Children quickly worked out how the years changed. They excited about that they understood how Chinese zodiac worked.

For our younger students, children had a fun colouring the animals. It is in PDF. file and free for you to download.

Find your zodiac animal sign.

Nǐ shǔ shénme? (What’s your animal sign?)

Wǒ shǔ ______。 (My animal sign is______.)











To follow up last week, I have made this 12ChineseZodiacMarchingCards十二生肖卡片 . 

Again, you can download the pdf. as free. I printed out 2 copies from page 1 and 1 copy from page 2, I got 2 sets. I laminated(or you can just print it on card paper)  then cut out individually.

I used it in our classes level 1,  level 2 and beginner 6-9 yrs. This marching game gives children lots of repetition on the Chinese words.

If you are parents, you can print out two sets and play snap with your child.

If you speak Chinese or you are a Chinese teacher, you can use it in the way so kids answer back in Chinese.  You can email me jing@littledragonmandarin.co.uk if you would like to discuss about it.








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Have fun!