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How Chinese characters were formed 3

Date: May 28, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Chinese characters


What a lovely sunny morning. I saw the sunshine through my window.

A easy quiz for you guys when you are enjoying the Spring morning sunshine.

What does this character mean when three people said they all have seen the sun? My collage artwork might give you some hints.









The ancient Chinese character 春 was composed by three parts of “日” sun, “艸” grass、“屯” buds. When the sun is out, the grass turns green and the tender buds come out of the earth, the spring is here.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 00.40.40





With the modern version of character 春,I have broken it down to three + person + sun. So we can remember it as three people have seen the sun out, with blossoms and birds there, it must be spring then.

三  + 人 + 日 = 春

This is 春 spring. We read it in pinyin: chūn.









A new phrase with two characters we know.

春 (spring)+ 天 (day)= 春天 (Springtime)

This is 春天 Springtime. We read it in pinyin: chūn tiān.









春 actually is all over the places during Chinese New Year period as Chinese New Year is called 春节 Spring Festival in China.
Here are two paper-cuttings with the character 春.









Hope you now can recognise the character 春 spring.
It is the third one from left.









We can find the character 春 in lots of well-known poems.

This one is called 春晓 The Spring Dawn by Meng haoran who lived 1270 years ago.

I loved the beautiful Chinese calligraphy and the Chinese painting as long as the poem.

I think now you can easily spot out the character 春.
This poem here is read from right to left in the ancient Chinese way. 春 is the first character at the first and second column from right.











This 春晓 poem is Tangshi(唐诗) or Tang poetry. Tangshi refers to poetry written in the time of China’s Tang dynasty, (618 – 907) and follows a certain style, often considered as the Golden Age of Chinese poetry. Here is the translation:-

The Spring Dwan

—Meng Haoran

I awake light-hearted this morning of spring,

Everywhere round me the singing of birds—

But now I remember the night, the storm,

And I wonder how many blossoms fell.


A new phrase to go with the gorgeous day in Brighton! Hope you are enjoying the lovely spring sunshine!

春 (spring) + 日(sun)= 春日 (Spring day; spring sunshine)

This is 春日 (Spring day; spring sunshine. We read it in pinyin: chūn rì.









I read something about Chinese tea (茶)this morning.

It says Spring is the best time to drink tea, because tea can be distributed to the winter’s cold evil plot in the human body, strong tea, but also the promotion of human germinal yang. Spring recovery of all things, people are easy to fall asleep, at this time if the brew a cup of rich aromatic, refreshing fragrance of the tea, not only refreshing, clear the drowsiness, but also help distribute the body’s cold evil, and promote the growth of the human body yang.
Ummm, let’s make a nice pot of Jasmin tea and enjoy it in the garden!

It says: Drinking Jasmin tea in the spring in the picture. The first two characters (from left to right) is 春日 (spring day)