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How Chinese characters were formed 7 旦

Date: June 7, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Chinese characters


I worked hard last night to present to you my new character artwork 旦 .
You should already know 日 means sun if you have been following my posts.

You can see clearly, ”旦” is composed of a ”日” with a underscore “_”.
From my artwork here, you can work out straightaway what the underscore “_” means. Yes, the earth line or Horizon.

It is so obvious. 旦 means dawn or daybreak when the Sun has just raised(sunrise) above the horizon.

sun 日 + underscore “_” = 旦 Sunrise, Dawn

This is 旦. We read it in Pinyin: dàn.









Let’s just enjoy a piece of calligraphy with the character “旦“ inside and have a peaceful evening.