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How Chinese characters were formed 8 早

Date: June 10, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Chinese characters


I guess as 日 (rì) is one of the most important elements in ancient Chinese people’s life. They made lots of characters with 日 (rì). Here is another one.

日  +  十  = 早

I am sure now you know 日 (rì) means sun. 日 (rì) on top of  十 , we get 早 . But what does it mean?

Some dictionaries say  ” 十 ” looks like grass, some say it looks like tree brunches.  But to me,  the  ” 十 ” looks more like the shape of a plant with the sprout just came off a seed shell when the sun is out in the morning.  I understand it as we see the sun through the top of the plant in the early morning.

I have made this artwork to help you to remember the character a bit easier.  早 means morning, and it extends to mean early as well.

This is 早 morning, early. We read it in Pinyin: zǎo.










If you click the picture below, it moves and the character jumps from 早 morning , 上 up , to 好 good.  早上好 means Good morning!

This is 早上好 Good morning!We read it in Pinyin:zǎo shàng hǎo.