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Chinese New Year Chunjie (春节)workshop:

We can go to your school or your community to run a fun Chinese New Year workshop. Please contact Jing if you are interested.



As the Mahjong evening we had last term was a great success, we are going to run another one this autumn term .

To see how it went on, please visit my blog dated on 30th June 2013 with the title “Majiang (Mahjong) Evening.

The Chinese ancient game known as “Mahjong”  in England or 麻将 (pinyin: má jiàng) in China

Má jiàng is a very popular game in China. Why? What are the rules? What is the history? Most importantly the winning hand? What do the characters printed on the tiles represent? Spend an evening with us playing this addictive game, and you will find out the answers to all these questions. And don’t worry, it’s actually a very simple game, particularly if you’ve ever played Gin Rummy, Canasta or Bridge.


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New dates to be confirmed.



40 Edburton Ave. Brighton, BN1 6EJ

Free to our adult students and students’ parents.

Tea will be provided.  You’re welcome to bring any other drinks, such as wine, beer, etc.

Get in touch with Jing if you are interested.


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