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Chinese New Year 2014/Horse Year/Ma Nian Bilingual Activities

Date: January 14, 2014 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Bilingual Activities, Chinese Cultures & Traditions, Chinese New Year


It is the year of Wood Horse in 2014 in Chinese Astrology. The Chinese Zodiac follows the lunar cycle so the new year begins in the new moon on January 30, 2014. The new moon starts to emerge out on 31st Jan. so New Year Day one is on 31st Jan. Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year for 15 days.

Pinyin: mǎ niān
Simplified Chinese: 马年
Traditional Chinese: 馬年
English:The Year of the Horse

The last Wood horse year was in 1954. It repeats like this every other 60years.  Hope the Wood Horse year will bring us an exciting & adventure year.

I have put some information of fun Chinese New Year activities, free prints out and children’s books about Chinese New Year. You can share and have fun with your child/ren.  Don’t forget to share and like our Facebook page for instant updates.

1. Free prints out

Find you animal sign:

Chinese Zodiac










2. Activity craft ideas:

I have gathered some Chinese New Year activity ideas into our Pinterest. Here is the link.

Chinese New Year Craft Ideas







3. Children’s books about Chinese New Year

We have stocked quite a lot of children’s books for the Chinese New Year celebration this year. Some of the books are in Chinese I ordered from China, some of the books are in English. The idea is to let children to experience Chinese cultures through the books. They are mainly for kids age 3-8. We will read them at our book reading time at end of the classes.

A New Year’s Reunion 团圆 (團圓)

A New Year's Reunion










I have added the books in English in our Pinterest in case you would like to buy some for your child/ren. You can buy them on amazon.

Have fun!