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In our courses, we use songs and games to teach the children Chinese in a fun and interactive way. The CD contains these songs and some lessons & role plays around the words that are being taught in the songs.  An accompanying Book provides the children with the visual part of the lessons and some additional activities, including games and chinese writing practice. This album has been specifically designed for younger children, although it is also suitable for older kids and adults who are learning the basics.

This CD Album Little Dragon Mandarin Beginners Book 1 can be purchased via Bandcamp.  Clicking “Buy” or the CD title will bring you to the Bandcamp website where you will be able to purchase a digital version of the album, or allow you to purchase the physical CD and Book, which will then be posted to you right away.

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Some pictures from our booklet:

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Please read my blog —How children make Chinese learning progress with our CD album and booklet.




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