Mandarin 1 汉语乐园

For Kids age 4-6   —Due to Covid-19, this young age group classes are having a break. We will update once things improved.

A great opportunity for kids to start to learn this increasingly popular language when they are at their most receptive to other languages.
We use some of the Montessori teaching methods that have made the Montessori approaching extremely successful.

This classes is for the young beginners. Here we focus on using the songs and fun games to teach them. We use a lot of repetition with the young ones, using different games to teach the same basic words. They’re like sponges at this age, and really soak up everything they hear.

Apart from text book language learning, students will have the opportunities to learn or experience some Chinese traditional art, such as Chinese calligraphy, painting, board game weiqi, Chinese abacus, Chinese cooking, Chinese history, Guqin music appreciation, culture and Chinese Chinese New Year festival discovering and celebration for this term.

Brighton Fiveways Venue (Display parking)
Address: 40 Edburton Ave. BN1 6EJ
1. Day: Saturday (Term time)
Time: 10:00:am-11:00am

Unfortunately, this classes is on hold due to Covid-19.

We run Online classes for students who are in classes Mandarin Infant 2 and above. 

We hope to return to run Face to Face classes for this age group when even-thing is much better settle down. We will keep you informed. Please contact Jing via email if you have any questions.


5years old Meahb is proud of her Chinese story book–Xiao Houzi(little monkey) changed to Sun wukong(Monkey King).


To follow our fruit song, children did an activity—choosing fruits and food in Chinese to feed their Mao mao chong.

Hao e hao e de Mao mao chong. (The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

3-6 e

Chinese hopscotch to practice the numbers.


The counting song is fun. Counting is just singing.


The popular song about colours—Cho0cho0 train and the colourful trucks.


Children are learning writing with sand.


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