Download for FB Friends

I have created this page for my FaceBook friends. I am going to post from time to time some free downloads. It will be Chinese games and activities for you and your kids to have fun together while picking up some Chinese.

Chinese Papercutting Art:

Here are some Chinese paper cutting patterns with Halloween (万圣节 Wàn Shèng Jié)theme.





Suitable for kids age 5+ who can use a pair of scissors.


Here are a couple. You and your child/ren don’t need any Mandarin Chinese knowledge for these.

The first one QiQiaoBanGame is based on an Ancient Chinese game the “Seven-Board of Cunning” because only an exceptionally determined player would attempt its amazing and challenging puzzles. You can just click the link then download the pdf. file to your computer.  It would be better to print it on card paper so it lasts a bit longer, or normal A4 paper will do.

QiQiaoBanGame(For age 3-100yrs)

Another one is for young children colouring and sticking.

MaoMaoChong毛毛虫(For age 2+,  with adult help)

One of our new popular summer songs. Wǒ qù hǎibiān—-I am going to the seaside!

I am going to the seaside(for all ages)

The latest one was inspired by The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!zhōnɡqiūjié kuàilè

The Chinese Symbol for Moon月,Rain雨,Door門&Water水

Have fun!