Chinese Speaking Practice Games

To help students to practice speaking, I divided students into two teams and get one team to ask another team questions. This question and answer sentences would be repeated again and again as they need to find out the answer, and at end of the lesson,  they could be able to say the sentence in one go.

Game 1: Guess the number

Sentence: 这个数字比_____大还是小? zhè gè shùzi bǐ ____dà hǎi shì xiǎo? (Is this number bigger or smaller than _____?








It depends on your students’ level, at our level one classes last week,  I asked the two teams to write numbers between 1 and 100 for the other teams to find out the numbers.

The less questions in total being used team would win.

Team 1 asked their first question:

这个数字比八十九大还是小?zhè gè shùzi bǐ bā shí jiǔ dà hǎi shì xiǎo? (Is this number bigger or smaller than 89? )

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Team 2 answered the first question:

这个数字比八十九大。zhè gè shùzi bǐ bā shí jiǔ dà. (This number is bigger than 89. )

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This was the first time this learning group played the game. At end, team 1 asked 6 questions to find out the number while team 2 asked 7 questions to find out the number. So team 1 won the game and I gave them a high five as a reward.

Learning languages need to repeat it again and again, by using this kind of games, I have found children enjoying it.

You can change it to a different sentence,  target words and phrases.


At our Beginner classes at Davigdor Infant School, children were writing out number between 1 and 10 for the other team to find out.