Recognizing Chinese Characters through Montessori’s 3 Part Lesson

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Age: From 2-5 years old

Activity Duration: 5 – 10 minutes

1. To teach the concept of Chinese characters.
2. To teach reading

1. 1 container with some papers
2. 1 marker
3. 1 tray




1. Ask your child what character he would like you to write.

2. Write it on piece of paper

3. Teach using the Montessori 3 part Lesson method:

  • Step 1: Point to the Chinese character and read it to your child. For example, say “This is sun.”
  • Step 2: Say the Chinese character and ask your child to point it out. Example, “Show me the character ‘sun’.”
  • Step 3: Point to the Chinese character and ask him what it is. For example, ask “What is this character?” Your child should say ‘sun’.

If your child can’t remember the Chinese character, you can use baby sign language to give them a hint.

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