My son Louis’ view about China

Today, a 5 years old boy asked me a few questions about China. I thought it’d be great to write things about China from my son Louis’ view. Louis has been to China 3 times at when he was 11 months, 3 yrs, 4 yrs, 6yrs, 7yrs and 8yrs old.

Louis went to a local nursery for 2 weeks in Nanshan, Shenzhen where he made some friends.








Louis on the left(路易 4 yrs old in Shenzhen,China. May, 2011)


March, 2015, we went to Beijing.











The Great Wall in Badaling 八达岭。









Tian an men square 天安门广场









Forbidden city zijincheng 紫禁城











Red door with 81 knobs 大红门


April, 2015, went to visit his grandma(外婆 waipo)in Guizhou where Louis made a bunch of great friends. They hanged out everyday when we were there (3 weeks).






























April, 2015, we visited Lijiang (丽江,玉龙雪山)stayed in a lovely friendly local hosteling (客栈 Kezhan)for a week.

LouisLijiangYulong1 LouisLijiangYulong2 LouisLijiangKezhan3 LouisLijiangkezhan2 LouisLijiangHuoche1


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