Parents, adult students & school teacher say


[mls_h3]Rob Gueterbock — Head Teacher at The Montessori Place, Hove [/mls_h3]
“Hi Jing, a mum sent me a video today. The mum interviews her son each term as part of his Montessori education journey. Her son was talking about what he had been doing at his Mandarin after school club at the recent interview. I learned 8 Chinese characters just from his talking on the video. Well done! Jing”
[mls_h3]Selene Rull-Usano  — A mum to a 10 years old girl & a 8 years old boy[/mls_h3]
“After a year learning Mandarin with you, my daughter said she wanted to do Mandarin GCSE when she would be a bit older. I am also very happy with my son as he has started to enjoy learning Mandarin now. “
[mls_h3]Juliette kendall — A mum to a 5 years old boy at Davigdor Infant School[/mls_h3]
My child absolutely loves learning Mandarin with Little Dragon Mandarin, it is how I manage to persuade him to go to school on a Tuesday! Highly recommended!!


[mls_h3]Daphne M. —A mum to a 6 years old, Brighton[/mls_h3]

As a parent, I enjoyed Little Dragon Mandarin classes as my little boy. Jing & Mark spent a lot of time preparing the classes that are fun & educational. Even after the summer break, my son can still sing the songs from the class and he’s looking forward to going back again……

[mls_h3]Richard T. — A dad to a 5 years old, Lewes[/mls_h3]

Our little girl (5) loves her Mandarin lessons.


[mls_h3] Julie  Waston— one of our adult students[/mls_h3]

An email received from Julie when she was travlling in Aug. 2013 in China after learning 6 weeks Chinese with Little Dragon Mandarin.

“I wanted to let you know we arrived safely in Shenzhen toddy.  I am very proud today: I ordered rice, noodles, asked for water and the bill today in Mandarin. I also asked a taxi driver to take us to the bus station and told someone at the hotel I didn’t understand- all in Mandarin. Thank you.
Best wishes


[mls_h3]Rachel H. — A mum to a 6 years old and a 3 years old. Haywards Heath[/mls_h3]

Jing really makes learning Mandarin fun. Each class is full of singing, making things and games. My children very much enjoy learning with her.


[mls_h3]Sarah Milam— a mum to two boys 5yrs & 3 yrs[/mls_h3]

An email received Sarah from Holland.

Nihao Jing
We are now back from our holiday and you will be pleased to hear that your CD was the one requested the most on the journey in the car to Holland and back.  My husband even said at the end of it that he can now speak Mandarin!!

[mls_h3]Emma M. — A mum to a 2.5 years old, Brighton[/mls_h3]

Jing’s toddler classes are superb. She uses varied, fun interactive teaching strategies to keep the attention of the little ones. My two years old has added a list of Mandarin words to her ever expanding vocabulary – including bing gan 🙂




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