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I am hungry, I want to eat apples. 我饿了,我要吃苹果。

Date: June 13, 2014 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Classroom Teaching, Students in Actions

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Wǒ è le, wǒ yào chī píng guǒ.  我饿了,我要吃苹果。I am hungry, I want to eat apples.

At today’s Toddler & Parents club at Hove Cornerstone community centre, I sung a rhythm made by myself when I was reading a fruit book.

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水果水果,我是苹果;(then I showed them the picture of an apple)

水果水果,我是香蕉;(then I showed them the picture of a banana)

水果水果,我是梨;(then I showed them the picture of a pear)

水果水果,我是草莓;(then I showed them the picture of a strawberry)

水果水果,我是葡萄;(then I showed them the picture of grapes)

水果水果,我是芒果;(then I showed them the picture of a mongo)

水果水果,我是西瓜。(then I showed them the picture of a watermelon)

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I had got children’s attention and some of them repeated what I read which was my purpose.

Then I gave each child and mum a heanband which they would need to put a fruit card on.

When they were ready, I read out the name of each fruit card  (thanks to Hong laoshi who made these cards) and asked if everyone wanted the fruit card until everyone had a card. By doing this, I repeated the name of fruit many times: píng guǒ, lí, xiāng jiāo, cǎo méi, pú táo, máng guǒ, xī guā.











Children loved putting the fruit card on their headbands. When everyone had the card on, I called the name of the fruit and asked who was that fruit.

“谁是苹果?” “Who is píng guǒ?” Until all the fruits being called. Children loved this game.

I informed children there were some fruit cards hiding in the garden and if they would like to go to find the cards. I gave them a paper basket (篮子)and also gave them an instruction of finding the first fruit píng guǒ.  Children happily went and searched the cards around the garden. After they came back and told me what they found then I gave them second instruction and so on……by doing this, children were speaking Chinese “一个苹果“, ”一颗草莓“ ,“一根香蕉”……without noticing.

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After they had found all the cards,  we read a book called “我饿了。” wǒ è le. (I am hungry. )

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After the story, I gave them a form so they could stick the cards on, and children always like to colour their work after.









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Kids had been very busy and we had a great Mandarin learning session.   It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed learning in the garden.











我饿了,我要吃苹果。wǒ è le, wǒ yào chī píng guǒ.