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A 5years old loves Oracle drawing to learn Chinese characters

Date: June 11, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Students in Actions


I have been thinking how to teach young kids learn Chinese characters without loosing fun. In the last half year, fascinated by Chinese oracle bone script, I have been studying and developed a method called Oracle Drawing.

All the young students asked: ” Can I do that? ” They want to make the drawings.

Here to show you how a five years old loved the method.

Harvey just turn 5 last month. He has been learning Mandarin with us for a year. We have 10 minutes writing for each lesson and he had been writing over sand, with pebbles, chalk and with maker pen over laminated Chinese characters. Today, he was ready to write on paper.

I displayed my drawing on the blackboard before the lesson. Harvey was interested during the lesson and asked: “what is that?” and ” Can I do that?” ” I can do this. “









Here is what Harvey did at today’s writing time. He really enjoyed.  There are 9 Chinese Oracle drawings in this paper.  As you can guess, I used The Water Cycle. It is a perfect way to introduce the 9 Chinese characters.










A bit information about Oracle bone script:

Oracle bone script refers to incised ancient Chinese character found on oracle bone which were animal bones or turtle shells used in divination 3 thousand years ago.  The vast majority record the pyromantic divinations of the royal house of the late Shang dynasty. Shang writing is directly ancestral to the modern Chinese script.

Here is an example. The characters on the first column from left are the oracle bone script. After 3 thousand years, they changed to what we use now as modern Chinese script which are on the first column from right

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.34.45