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Chinese Cultural Lesson – Chinese Calligraphy &Traditional Painting

Date: November 14, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Chinese Cultures & Traditions, Students in Actions


Although I don’t have that much time to practice, I have been always in love with Chinese calligraphy and Chinese traditional painting. Therefore, Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting are included in our Mandarin lessons from kids age 4 & half to adults at some stage of their learning.

Here is the lesson I gave to our Beginner students age 6-9 at The Montessori Place this term.

文房四宝 wén fáng sì bǎo

At first, I showed them my four treasures of Chinese study: writing brush, ink sticks, ink stones and paper.  And then some beautiful Chinese calligraphy and traditional paintings.









书法 shūfǎ & 国画 guóhuà— Chinese calligraphy & Traditional Painting

And then we looked through together some beautiful Chinese calligraphy from the book below and some traditional paintings.











Here I was doing the demonstration: how to hold the brush, how to write and paint…..the secret of painting a bamboo and bamboo leaves etc.



























The kids couldn’t wait to have their goes. We started from basic stroke practicing.





















Then I forgot to take photos until the end just managed to get this one.  Proud faces with their art works. Walter’s bamboo painting and Oliver’s number practice and bamboo painting.











Key words the kids were learning from this lesson.

书法 shūfǎ     : calligraphy

国画 guóhuà : Chinese traditional painting

毛笔 máobǐ   : Writing brush

     zhú        : Bamboo

纸     zhǐ          : Paper

墨     mò         : Ink sticks

Do you like Chinese calligraphy and Chinese traditional painting? If you do, please share your thoughts.

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