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Chinese New Year song Xin Nian Hao

Date: February 9, 2014 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Chinese Cultures & Traditions, Chinese New Year, Students in Actions


At last Friday’s toddler classes, we sung one of Chinese New Year songs together. As all the lyrics in the song are Chinese, I thought it might be tricky for kids to follow it. So we used parachute to make it fun while we were singing the Chinese song.











Happy New Year
Classic Children’s Song for the celebration of Chinese New Year

Here is the lyrics in Chinese and pinyin:

新年好 xīn nián hǎo ya, 新年好 xīn nián hǎo ya,

祝贺大家新年好。 zhù hè dà jiā xīn nián hǎo.

我们唱歌,我们跳舞. wǒ men chàng gē,  wǒ men tiào wǔ,

祝贺大家新年好。 zhù hè dà jiā xīn nián hǎo.

English meaning:

Happy New Year, Happy New Year,

I wish everyone a happy new year.

We sing, and we dance,

I wish everyone a happy new year


Key words:

新年 xīn nián: New Year

好 hǎo: Good

祝贺 zhù hè: Wish

大家 dà jiā: Everyone

我们 wǒ men: We

唱歌 chàng gē: Sing

跳舞 tiào wǔ: Dance


Here is a video on youtube. You might want to show it to your child/ren and sing along. We will be singing at our next week’s Toddler classes.