How students make Chinese Learning Progress with our CD album & booklet

Students at Davigdor Infant School Mandarin Club have been making a great progress of learning Chinese. They love to sing along the songs from our CD album Little Dragon Mandarin Beginners Book 1  and work on the booklet.

Here are just some photos to show how the kids have been enjoying their learning while working along the booklet.

After they have learnt character 人 rén /person, we had a storytelling time: a person went for a walk ……saw a big tiger in the wood…..

Kids were doing a posture to show how big the tiger was: 大 dà /big











We extended words to : 小 xiǎo /small by just drop our arms down.

Then we sit down to sing the song about dà & xiǎo.











It was time to do some writing. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

5 years old Floyd was writing 大 and 小 。











Check out my Chinese writing.