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Learning Chinese characters from making stories

Date: June 15, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Students in Actions

How quick a kid without any Mandarin Chinese knowledge can learn Chinese characters?

Here is Grace (6years old) who I met at today’s Blakers Park fair. She has learnt 10 Chinese characters by using Oracle Drawing&Visual method in about 8 minutes.

We made a story together while doing the drawings which she enjoyed.

The story is:
A man (人)came out of his house (舍)at bottom of a mountain (山)when the sun(日) is out, and went for a walk in the woods(林) where there were all sort of trees(木) . But wherever he went, there are fires (火)and blazing  (炎 )around him……the whole forest (森)soon was burning.  An immortal appeared and said this man should be punished so took him to a cave and remind there as a prisoner ( 囚 ).

Blakers park

I went through the Chinese characters with Grace after the drawing. Amazingly, Grace remembered all of them.