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Level 1 students are learning how to build Chinese characters

Date: July 18, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Students in Actions

After learning how the Chinese characters were formed, 8 years old Circe started to understand the structure of Chinese characters.

Circe is learning how to build the blocks–use Chinese radicals to make new words and phrases.











After the kids get the idea of how Chinese characters were formed, I let them use their imagination and create their own words.
Circe has built the three words and phrases. Two of them are right.









Circe has built more words and phrases. Two out of four are right. Good try!









8 years old Joe loves drawing. This way of learning makes so much fun for him.











Here are some of Joe’s Chinese characters and his illustration drawings:









7 years old Tilly and Abi are working on their building blocks.











Tilly has made her new Chinese characters.











6 years old Deneb are having go:











6 years old Lucy and her drawings and Chinese characters: