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Lewes Level 1 students start to learn Chinese character structures

Date: September 15, 2013 Author: Jing Wang Categories: Students in Actions


From this term, our Lewes level 1 student are ready to learn Chinese character structures. We use ancient Chinese pictogram(Jiaguwen/甲骨文)& visual method to introduce reading and writing to the kids.

To meet the teaching method I need to use, I have designed my own materials and booklet for our students to use. It is like a story book. Children said it is like a farmer’s house and the surroundings. Here is the first page started with my ancient Chinese character drawing.







After the brief story, we started to go through some characters and children practice on the white board first.











Emily enjoyed writing mù/木 means wood/tree.









Harlyn’s woods,  forest and mountain.









one 木 is tree,two trees  木 +木 we get a woods 林.









How about three trees together? it is a forest. Children started to get the idea.