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 [mls_h3]Spring Term 2015 : [/mls_h3]

Chinese Made Easy for Kids 1 Lesson 13 Extra Homework:


[mls_h3]Week 2nd June  – 7th June 2014: [/mls_h3]

Wednesday Classes:

Adults Classes:

1. Write a short diary about your weekend using the combination language of English and Chinese. You can use pinyin if you don’t know how to write it in Chinese characters.

2. Listen to a Chinese song Jasmine Flower 茉莉花- mò lì huā. We will sing it together at next week’s classes.

Lyrics in pinyin to dlownload PDF

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Week 20th May -23rd May 2014:

For Level 1 & Level 2 Students:


Chinese Made it Easy for Kids: ReadingLesson5lesson6Lesson7


Extra Homework:

Chinese Made it Easy for Kids Extra Homework—-Lesson 7:  CMELesson7ExtraHomework

Super Extra Homework:

Greeting and Goodbyes at hellomylo


Chinese Made it Easy for Kids Extra Homework—-Lesson 5:  CMELesson5Extra1-2-3

Chinese Made it Easy for Kids Extra Homework—-Lesson 6: CMELesson6Extra1-2-3

For All Level Students:

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Feed my caterpillar- MaoMaoChong(2yrs+)


Chinese Number Match Game 11-20(5yrs+)

Writing Basic part1(beginner5yrs +)

Chinese Character Bingo Game 1(beginner5yrs+)

Chinese Character Bingo Game 2(beginner5yrs+)

Chinese Basic Strokes1(Beginner5yrs+)


Lyrics for our Beginner Book 1 CD album



I am going to the seaside. —-我去海边。/wǒ qù hǎibiān.



Bingo Game UsefulPhrasesForBeginners (6-11yrs) 1

Bingo Game UsefulPhrasesForBeginners (6-11yrs) 2

Chinese Words Game1(for level1)

Writing Compounds1 (for Level1)

Bingo Game conversation 1(for Level1) 

Animal QiQiaoBanGame(from 3 to 100yrs)

latest one was inspired by The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!zhōnɡqiūjié kuàilè

The Chinese Symbol for Moon月,Rain雨,Door門&Water水





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