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Recommended Videos

Elmo-Sesame Street In Mandarin Chinese

Elmo Sesame Street in Chinese 1


Recommended Videos for Native Students

爸爸去哪儿 Where Are We Going, Dad?

Where are we going, Dad?


HomeWork—KS3 and KS4 language learning resource


BBC Real Chinese


Some free Mandarin Chinese Flash cards

Video Story books:

Kids learn Chinese online games

Mandarin story books on youtube

Basic Chinese audio for adults and kids


Recommended apps for iPhone iPad:

Chinese for kids -Animal Kingdom

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Kids Way to Chinese YCT1

Abitalk Chinese Balloons Lite language learning for fun

This last one is suitable for kids or adults who have started to learn the characters. But it is better to play the game from basic level.


Recommended Films

Chinese Films

Online Film





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