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Kuaille Hanyu 快乐汉语

Kuaille Hanyu book 2 快乐汉语第二册

Kuaille Hanyu book 2 lesson 5 快乐汉语第二册第五课 客厅在南边

Kuaille Hanyu book 3 快乐汉语第三册

Kuaille Hanyu book 3 lesson1 快乐汉语第三册第一课


Chinese Story Videos (Suitable for children 0-5 years old)

Young children like reading a book over and over again. They enjoy the repetition of the stories they already know, and it is a great idea to introduce early reading in a second language.  My son Louis loves books. The books I am going to read here are all his favourite books I brought back from China.  I read the books to him so many times, that at the end, I could stop at the end of each sentence and let him finish it. This has inspired me to record my reading and share it with my students and other kids. This could be a strategy you can use with your little one when you read or listen to familiar books together in a second language for your children.

Let’s get it started and read some books!


Text Book Reading Videos (Suitable for Children 5-11 years old at our Level 1 classes)

Zhongwen TextBook2 Lesson 10 Spring Rain


Zhongwen TextBook2 Lesson 10 Seeds


Zhongwen TextBook2 Lesson 10 Duihua(Dialogue)

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