Who We Are


Jing is originally from mainland China, though worked on the mainland(in various places including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen),  Hong Kong and Japan, after studying Language & Culture in Japanese & Chinese at University. She quickly got used to working in a bilingual, a trilingual then a multilingual world. Jing came to England in 1998 for further education, and added yet another language to her set, making 4 in total: Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and English.

She designed and wrote the Mandarin book that supports our courses with the help of Mark.

“My mother was a Kindergarten Headmaster at a Chinese state school. I think I inherited her genes and have the same passion and enthusiasm for working with children.”—Jing


Hong came to England in 2012, after studying English in China. She worked there as a TA in an  International school in Shenzhen. Hong loves working with children and she has brought with her some new ideas.   


Mark, prior to becoming a father, has at one time been a full time musician and studio owner. He spent a number of years touring all over the world with signed bands, such as Blue States, and Astrid Williamson, and spent even longer recording and playing with many other artists, such as The Big Hairy Band, Sparker, Martin Messent, Ru Horne, Oomphf, Return of the Bumpsquad, Thumpasaurus, Rhode Trip, Mangatout, Jo Hall and many more.

He wrote all the songs that are used in our courses, with the help of Jing and Louis, and recorded them in his own studio.

2012-06-18 13.32.50Louis is Mark and Jing’s son, and is a bilingual 6 year old that played a big part in the inspiration for our teaching techniques. He attends a Montessori school, which has enlightened us to a different teaching approach from the mainstream, and has of course influenced us. He also contributed by singing many of the songs on the album.

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