Why Learn Mandarin Chinese at Young Age?

The rapid rise of the Chinese economy, which overtook other countries as the world’s second largest economy in 2011, has led the British Council to encourage kids to learn Mandarin today, anticipating that their broader experience and greater knowledge may open for them excellent opportunities in globalised workplace of tomorrow.

[mls_h4]The Numbers[/mls_h4]
1/5th of the world’s population lives in China; And Mandarin Chinese is a language spoken by more than a quarter of the world’s population.

[mls_h4]Being Bi-lingual Rules![/mls_h4]
While English may be the undisputed global language of the moment, it seems likely that English-only speakers may, within the next 10-15years, find themselves upstaged by global citizens who can speak English and another language. It is certain that, whether or not kids learn Mandarin today, they will face a different world featuring a changed and changing linguistic landscape-by the time they reach adulthood.

[mls_h4]Non-Language Benefits[/mls_h4]
One of the fun parts about learning any new languages is like open another world and it gives you another viewpoint. When a child uses a word, this word also triggers associations in the brain, brought about by the other languages the child knows.  The numerous mental associations playing in their brain, open new ideas.

[mls_h4]Earlier the better[/mls_h4]
Teaching Mandarin to the children from a young age offers them the best preparation for an exciting future. The earlier they start the better, and the more it soaks in.

[mls_h3]Excuses, Excuses![/mls_h3]
[mls_h4]It’s too hard[/mls_h4]
There are many reasons on why to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. Studies have shown that being truly bilingual can help a child develop their brain in new ways. A British pschologist’s research has shown that Chinese characters help kids to develop their right brain.

[mls_h4]Chinese Characters are too complicated[/mls_h4]
For kids, Chinese characters are like objects/pictures, they can absorb and remember them like the way they do with pictures.

[mls_h3]Being bilingual will help your child[/mls_h3]

  • Being bilingual gives your child more opportunities!
  • By knowing a second culture, they will relate better to other people;
  • By planting these seeds today, our children are more likely to become more productive;
  • Your commitment now will truly give your child an advantage later on.

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